Art sessions

The class structure supports working intuitively, stimulates curiosity and encourages creative experimentation in a safe, supportive space.  The sessions are about exploring processes, rather than outcome driven.

A diverse range of materials are used such as, found objects, modelling clay, music, sound, paint, collage, pencils, crayons and nature. From these materials we can make suspended sculptures, mandalas, group artworks, paintings, drawings and craft projects.

On completion of your session you will have tools to:

  • calm the nervous system and self regulate
  • improve mental health
  • become more present
  • be inspired
  • develop connections
  • have fun with the creative process

Individual and group sessions are available.

Below are examples of spontaneous and found mandalas from art sessions.
Mandalas are good to use if we are feeling disorientated, scattered, anxious or distressed.