The class structure supports working intuitively, stimulates curiosity and encourages experimentation. This invites spontaneity and creative surprises can arise.

The classes are process-driven rather than focusing on outcome.
A no judgement — no comment rule is encouraged; there is no good or bad art.
There are optional opportunities for shared making of artworks.
During each creative arts session you will be invited to practice
paying attention to and staying present to the process, materials, environment
and your own body resonances.

On completion of your session you will have tools to:

  • calm the nervous system and self regulate
  • work intuitively
  • become more present
  • be inspired
  • create with less judgement
  • have fun with the creative process
  • develop connections
  • A maximum class size of 8 participants.

Individual sessions are also available.
Classes can also be designed to improve participant’s cognitive function.