About and Concept

Alison Stone graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from Griffith University, Queensland College of Art. Previously she completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2008 and received the A&E Metal Merchants Outstanding Body of Work Award, Fusions Industry Award and Flipbook Gallery Professional Development Award. She was a finalist in the Graduating Art Show + Espresso Garage Awards and received the White Canvas Gallery Award in 2011. Stone was selected to exhibit in the Tiny Worlds Exhibition at Artisan, Fortitude Valley in 2009, Made II Exhibition at Spiro Grace Gallery, Spring Hill in 2012 and has regularly shown her work in several group exhibitions throughout Brisbane. She is currently working as an Artist in Residence at DAP Jewellery School, Brisbane.


Homesick: Tension and anxiety in the domestic landscape
Alison Stone deals with the concept of domesticity. It is perceived as a private space for comfort, nurture and security, however it can also have connotations of great terror and anxiety. Venturing from the secure environment of the home, anxiety is evoked in the viewer through the tiny worlds of the miniature, both familiar and unfamiliar, intimate and strange.
Drawing from a lifetime of personal observations of people and their relationship with their domestic environment, Stone creates spaces that explore the duality and contradictions of human nature. She uses the real estate section of the weekend paper to title her work appropriating titles which suggest tension.
The miniature invites close scrutiny and voyeurism. The eye is led into these small spaces through film noir lighting techniques and placement of objects. Stone provokes a desire to see more, her work suggests there is something unsettling, something intangible happening outside the frame of the picture. She purposely blocks the observer through half open doors and windows, frustrating and disorienting the viewer and leading to an altered centre of perception.
Stone uses copper, bronze, silver, miniature lights, acrylic, printed card, material and found objects to create her miniature worlds.